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$500 a Day Facebook Fans Pages - Recomendation and Tutorial - Part 1

$500 a Day Facebook Fans Pages - Recomendation and Tutorial

Livingnews - You may have read thousands of electronic books to earn money, but no electronic book gives you no guarantee that you will earn money using your method. But, here is the most realistic and practical electronic book, which he has read, in his life. It is a plan of making the rock solid income consistently, without losing a single day!

I would like to supplement that this is not a quick scheme to get rich or anything else. It is a guided form of a method that I use to get 500 unique visitors daily to my website and win $ 500 per day, $ 3500 per week or say $ 15000 per month. This is the most recent electronic book and is written in February 2010. I arrived at the level of

$ 500 every day only in 30 days, from scratch! But, if you want to make $ 500 today alone, this electronic book is not for you, because my method will take a few days.

Everyone can earn money from your website, if you receive traffic. If you already have a website, then to earn money, you need a lot of traffic! Then, first, we decide where you can get traffic. The best source of traffic is search engines (SE). But is it easy to see your website on Google Search Engine page? 

I would like to make efforts for it, but it will take a long time, that I can leave marketing on the Internet, disappointed. Should I go for Google Adwords? Good! I'm not lucky enough to use Google Adwords, since it took all the cash from my pockets and did not get sales from it for 2 months continuously. 

Many people can succeed with that, but, I was not. So, what is the solution? The next best place to get traffic is social networking websites. I believe on Facebook to get the traffic directed, since it is the social bookmarking website # 1. From its statistics, we can see that Facebook has about 300 million active users and every Facebook user has more than 100 friends in a average. So, do not you think this can be an important source of traffic between all social networking websites? The pages of the fans are the best way to get Facebook traffic.

A successful Facebook fans page can bring:


• managed

• Very interested

• Easily convertible

•More appropriate

... Traffic to your website that you will buy your product!

Here I am going to tell you, how to make a final fan page that adds 200 fans more to it daily, automatically, and bring immense traffic to your website. & Let us earn $ 500 every day. My fans page Bring thousands of specific visitors to my website and load my pockets with money without any additional effort!

I would like to tell you that I created a new Facebook account only 30 days ago and these are the statistics of this account:

Surely I will show you the screenshots of my Facebook account and the fan page.

Not only this, you will also see traffic statistics and my income tests, on the following pages.

Not only this, you will also see traffic statistics and my income tests, on the following pages.

Now, you can be thinking that if I'm boasting so much, why do not I share the URL of my fan page? The reason is that I do not want to be at a risk that no one is reported. I know that, if only few people report a fan page, then Facebook will eliminate it. On the other hand, if you really want traffic to your website and make $ 500 every day, then you must trust me or you can close this electronic book and start reading another that says it makes $$$$$$ per day or some Idiot impossible figures!

Ok, let's start learning, make a definitive fan page on Facebook that brings a great traffic to your website and allows you to earn $ 500 every day! First, create a new Facebook account, since a risk of being forbidden is there, so you should create a new Facebook account and you should not use the existing one. Enter so much information you can. People do not like empty profiles. After having created a new Facebook account, it is time to start adding friends. 

Remember, do not make a fan page until you have an adequate number of friends. You can add a maximum of 5000 friends to your Facebook A / C. First of all, your reason must be exploiting this opportunity. Remember, this is the most important task. All traffic on your website, income, success, etc., depends on it. In general, add 5000 friends can take dozens of months, but you will see how you can add 5000 friends to your Facebook account in 7 days alone, using my technique. I'm going to tell you a formula that is unbeatable! Some 400-600 people will join you daily, without failures!

The best feature, for us, on Facebook is that, you can upload a contact file that contains names and email ID of your friends, you want to add on Facebook. People in your contact file may or may not be on Facebook. If you are already on Facebook, then you can add it when you see your friend request, otherwise, an email will be sent on Facebook and can join Facebook and can add you. We are going to exploit this installation, until its maximum extension.

I will describe each and all about this method, so gently, that it will love it. I will show you how simple it is to get 5000 friends only in 7 days and make a fan page that brings the final traffic to your website. Keep reading patiently ... 

Now, let's move on to the topic back.

Our contact file should have identifications by email from our contacts, so that Facebook can search for those people who are already on Facebook and can provide you with an option to add them, or send invitations to the email IDs. We need a huge email list now. Unfortunately, there is no software available to date, which can extract Facebook email ID. 

What will you do in this case, or you bought it or build a list of opt-in yourself? But, it will take months to get a great email list and the worst thing is that if you are going to buy an email list, then you will have to pay $ 400- $ 1000 for it. In addition, there is no guarantee that it works or not. Now, if I suggest you buy an email list paying $ 500 to a webmaster, you would surely like to kick me hard. The only alternative that is available at this time is an email extractor.

STOP! Do not think I'm going to sell you an email extractor ... LOL ... This is not an Electronic Crapha book that contains ClickBank or Comillage Comillas of Junction websites to make sales. My dear friend! I am making a monthly five-digit income from my own website, so few cents from the affiliate commission will not change my life.

Have you ever used an email extractor? An email extractor harvest Internet email ID and offers you an email list that contains these collected IDs. But is it advisable to use the e-mail IDs harvested by an email extractor to invite people? There are many disadvantages of using an email extractor. First, the Email Extractor extracts the same Internet email IDs, each time you use it. 

The second thing is that there are companies' email identifications, and other business houses that are not useful for you. Simply, you are not willing to send an invitation to a mobile phone sales company on your email ID to join you on Facebook ... LOL. What a fool, it will be!

The final alternative is a generator of email identifiers / list.

$500 a Day Facebook Fans Pages - Recomendation and Tutorial - Part 2

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