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$500 a Day Facebook Fans Pages - Recomendation and Tutorial - Part 3

$500 a Day Facebook Fans Pages - Recomendation and Tutorial - Part 3

Livingnews - Look at the picture of my wall, this was the daily image of my Facebook account.

Once you reach this stage, your 80% work is complete.

Now, you have seen, how easy it is to reach 5000 friends at the level. But, I will not be in the rest, until I achieve my goal. Once you have reached the level of 5000 friends, now, it is a perfect time to create your fan page. This fans page will bring you hundreds of visitors to your website every day! Not only this, since it will increase the number of fanatics, more fans will continue to add at a fast speed. According to my experience daily 200 fresh people will become a fan of your fan page and visit on your website.

# How to create a fan page that spreads on Facebook as a forest fire!

First, think, what product offer / service / cPA or anything you want to offer? I have not joined any CPA offer still in my life. I am having a website, where I sell weight lose the product. My purpose is to sell an electronic book that contains a course that helps lose weight and will look thin and fit. Then, my purpose is to gain attention to people who want to be thin or want to be fit. So I will name my fan page as:

'Fitness House', 'Get-set-slim-go', 'I want to be thin', 'Weight lose the mantra' crazy by the physical form ', etc.

Remember, that your fan page will be displayed in the search results, so be sure to keep your name according to your niche. You must use your keywords on behalf of your fan page.

To create a new page, click on 'Ad option and pages available on your home page on the left side.

Then click on 'Create a new page'

Fill out all the possible details, etc. On your fan page. If you add a photo to your fans page, then it would be more attractive. You can download a good image from a website for free download images. Make sure you are not breaking any copyright law or registered trademark using an image. Better, if you can create yours. You can visit Google images to get an idea. If you find something deficit on your fan page, first complete, before asking friends to join them.

Note: Make sure you have inserted a link to your website on your fan page. It must be your own website, because, you should verify it later.

Now, it's time to tell people about your fan's page. To suggest this page to your friends, use the option 'Suggest to friends' available on your page.

You can select all your friends and you can suggest this fan page. Believe me, if you send a request to 500 people, you will only have 5000 or more fanatics only in 5-6 days, if you work correctly.

How, will it happen?

When you see that many of your friends have become a fan of your fan page, ask them to suggest this page to their friends. Repeat this process and have a tremendous growth. If you continue publishing interesting and relevant things about your niche on your fan page, it will be indexed in the search engine, very quickly. People who are searching about their niche, will find it interesting and will become fanatics, even if they are not on their friends list.

Great! Now you are also receiving traffic, now. You know, when I was having about 5,000 friends and I suggested my page to my friends, then only on the next day, I obtained more than 138 messages from different people who said they liked my fan page.

At a level of 5000 friends when your friends become a fan of your page, it is published on your walls and also like to see your page and then your friends ... and so on ... Your work is just waiting and seeing now! I only see how fast, about approximately 200-250 people are becoming fanatics of their page, every day!

But, remember, your first job is to add 5000 friends. Do it your passion!

When I created my fan page the 8th day and suggested it to my friends. After 2 hours of suggesting my fan page, I got many fans.

On the 30th, I had more than 50000 fans.

You may have noticed the enormous jumps in the number of fanatics, between days. The real reason for this speed was that, because if my friend has about 100 friends average, it means that my page was seen by 5000 x 100 = 500000 people, on the day, when I shared it. I could not get this amount of fans, if I share this page with only 100 to 150 friends.

When you reach 50,000 or more levels, it's self-pilot! Now, you should not think about winning fans, because about approximately 200-250 more people will join you, daily. At this time, you have gold in your hands !!! Now is the time to use this traffic. Start the publication of state updates on day 18. 2-3 Updates per day will be sufficient. I published my health advice, diet information, slimming tactics and all other relevant things with my website link. Ask your fans to visit your site and verify new health methods, fitness and thinning.

I suppose it could be too bad in the writing of publications and 99% of people will ignore it. Nor will they read their status update or advice, etc. or not

Visit your website. But, if you are having 50000 fans, still 500 people will visit your website! (I.E. 1% of people remaining). Look at the increase in traffic since then; I started using the Facebook fan page.

This was day 30, and I was approaching about 500-600 UVS every day from the Facebook fans page. Now, as a webmaster, you know that the minimum conversion rate for an average website is only 3% -5%, I mentioned at the beginning that, I am planning to improve the aspect of my website and it will make it more attractive and convincing Get more sales. Then, if you are only receiving 500 UVS per day, even then you are doing 16-20 sales daily! This is the same exit that I am receiving from the Facebook fans page. Yes! I am receiving 15-16 sales every day at an average!

This is the last screenshot of my Gmail account, you can verify that there is a flood of e-junkie emails showing sales.

I can stretch this screenshot whenever you want, but to keep the size of the small file, I have taken a small screenshot of everything.

This is the screenshot of my PayPal A / C

15-16 Sales to $ 29.99 is earning me $ 450- $ 500 daily

I am receiving this success at the beginner level. I have 50000 fans only and still doing

$ 500 per day. Each week, I will receive more fanatics, more traffic and more sales.

So, what do you think now? You have seen with tests, how easy it is to start getting the maximum traffic from Facebook fans pages.

Still! There will be so many people who will think a lot! Many people will be there, who will closely review the screenshots in this electronic book to find out the mistakes, so that they can tell others that these are not real ... lol ... this is a common practice, because, many people They make dirty reports to obtain their commission doing some sales, from affiliate sites. Due to these unwanted writers, people generally do not believe in genuine reports. Even if you do not follow me, then it will not affect me! Because, tomorrow, I will be doing my $ 500 more, sitting in my room and most of you could be reading another electronic book to find fast rich schemes.

Think outside the box, salt from the crowd, be the different and that the world know from you! TO TAKE ACTION!

Here is a quick summary of this electronic book:

1. There is a new Facebook account.

2.Buy a generator of good and reliable email identifiers. Create and load 3-4 contact files daily.

3. Graded 5000 friends as soon as you can.

4. Create a fan page for your website, suggest this page to your friends and ask them to suggest to your friends as well.

5. When you have enough number of fans, then start publishing some general state updates and put some updates on the contents of your website.

6. Keep in mind, that 99% of users can ignore their messages, still receive 500 UVS daily, if you have 50000 fans and can earn $ 500 per day or more, if your product has more value.

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