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$500 a Day Facebook Fans Pages - Recomendation and Tutorial - Part 2

$500 a Day Facebook Fans Pages - Recomendation and Tutorial - Part 2 

Livingnews - Email / List ID generators are very different from e-mail extractors, as they generate assumptions email identifications using common names of people. These email identifications belong to the general public and not to companies, companies or business houses. These are the recent blessing to Internet marketers. There are a lot of generators of email lists available on the Internet that can generate thousands of email identifiers in a short time. 

The best thing is that you can use different combinations of names, different configurations, different domain selections, etc. To produce thousands of unique email identifiers every day. I found few generators of Internet email lists that are listed below:

• Email generator EmailSmartz

• Quick email ID generator

• Acute email ID production engine

• Sharkgen Email Generator

You can select any of the previous software. But I recommend an acute email IDS production engine available in the list above. (Most of you will think, I'm pressing this software ... lol) There are many reasons behind it. First, I found it at the cheapest price, but still very effective and good in quality and second, it is very quick to install and your support is also very good. However, it is not free, but it has already paid 100 times of its return cost in the form of sales of my product. Everything depends on you what software to choose. But, if you try other software, send me a review of them, so you can add your functions as well, next time, when I publish an update of this electronic book in the next version.

OK, use your identifier generator / email list, there must be an option to save / export email ID in a text file in the software you use, otherwise, we can not meet our purpose. It produces about approximately 4000 email ID, and save them / export them in a text file, it will only take 5 minutes from yours. Now, I'm going to inform you about creating a contact file that we can charge on Facebook and you can start the process of adding hundreds of friends every day! It will take only one minute of yours. Open MS_EXCEL (any version) and make two headers in a new file. First column with the header 'Names' and the second column with the header 'Email ID' as shown in the image below.

Go to your text file that contains generated email ID, copy all email IDs by selecting Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C, return to Excel File and paste those email IDs in the second column using Ctrl + V in The header "Email ID".

Congratulations! He has successfully completed a contact file. It was difficult? I suppose not. You can upload it on Facebook, directly. His work of 60% is complete now. You can create as many contact files you want when you produce different email IDs and paste into Excel files. You can find this process a bit boring, but remember your goal.

$ 500 Every day is not a small amount!

Stay motivated! Just imagine about things in which you have only wanted, but could not get them. Now, it's time to buy those things. Give him a push towards yourself and everything will be fine!

Now! I'm going to tell you how to load the contact file on Facebook to add hundreds of friends daily.

Log in to your Facebook account, click on the 'HOME' option and then click on 'Friends' and choose 'Search friends' now, click on the option 'Upload Contact File', Navigate and select your file from Excel (its contact file) (. Csv) have previously saved.

It may take a few seconds in the load, depending on the number of contacts you have. Its Excel file must have at least 3500-4000 email ID, as you can only use 3-4 Excel files at a time and may be restricted to use more files for a few hours. After a few hours, you can use more files, again. So try to put more and more email ID in a file. As soon as the file is loaded, Facebook will show people who are already on Facebook registered using email ID, in their contact file, charged. This is the best advantage of using email ID generators that more than 40% of the email IDs are really existing, in a usual case. Media, if you generated 4000 email ID, then 1600 will be working and this is a fantastic figure. If you use the software diligently and use the names of the most common people, the most common domains and the most common configuration, the success rate is 70% or more. Sometimes, you can get an error message, which says to load the contact file later, then wait 1-2 hours and try again.

The fast adding process has begun my friend! I obtained the image below is displayed when I uploaded a contact file of 4000 email ID. Of the 4000, 204 contacts were already on Facebook, this is a tremendous figure, it means that you can add 204 friends in a single attempt. The use of more contact files can allow you to add more friends.

Now, click on 'Select all friends' and then in 'Add as friends' as shown in the image below and ready! Your invitation will instantly be sent to all friends!

After sending requests from friends to Facebook users, the next window will now show the contacts that are not on Facebook.

Again, click on 'Select all' and then in 'Invite join' to send the invitation to those people who are not on Facebook.

You can also send the invitations using the same process. You will see the next window after the invitation is sent.

Check how many invitations I sent just one attempt!

It means, for example, if you have generated only 4000 email ID, either, will already be on Facebook or not. In both cases, the invitation will be sent to them. You will get a greater response from those who are already on Facebook.

Do this process again and again. Follow this practice, three times a day Loading 3-4 contact files at a time, which contains a good number of email ID. Your software will take only 2 minutes to generate email ID. Yes! I know, it's a small boring process, but there are no pain, earnings, my friend!

You will surely win! Because…

Many lazy people will be there that they will not take action on this report, so this thing is beneficial for you. Because at least people will act on this report, it is likely to take this opportunity. So do not give up !!

I will share with you the screenshots of my Facebook profile, traffic figures and income statements, I will inform you about creating a fan page that brings crazy traffic to my website, on the following pages.

You know, Facebook activities viral! When you add to a person like your friend, then this message is published on the walls of your friends as well. They see that person's profile and also want to join him / her. Then, in the same way, when people will find their friends adding you as friends, then you will also send you friend requests, your work is just to accept those invitations. Look, how many invitations did I get after an hour, I climbed the file?

He had more than 95 friends after one hour of sending invitations, the first day! I know that this figure is amazing! But, it's real!

After 5 hours, I was having about 200 friends. I uploaded only 5-6 contact files and obtained that number of friends.

This was the second day. I uploaded 3 more contact files. In an average creation of contact file, load, etc., I was taking only 2 minutes from mine. It means, I was spending only one hour a day on Facebook. In the late afternoon, I reviewed my profile and had more than 600 friends.

I was also keeping screenshots every day, because I'm also active member at Digital Point Forum. I was sharing my work progress in this thread. But, the thread was eliminated by moderators, because, it has some kind of racial discussion by DP members.

Now, I was receiving 100-150 requests per day and I was doing numerous friends daily. I took this screenshot on my 3rd day. Look how many people have become my friends. Take into account one thing, that my requests for friendship and additions multiply, every day.

I was accepting about approximately 150-200 requests from friends daily and sending about 800-900 requests from friends. Now, it will say that Facebook does not allow you to send friendship requests after 20 or more, manually.

But, when a contact file climbs, this limit does not work.

$500 a Day Facebook Fans Pages - Recomendation and Tutorial - Part 3

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