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The Google Cloud Platform Difference

The Google Cloud Platform Difference

Livingnews - Cloud computing is about abstracting computer infrastructure and other associated resources and offering them as a service, generally in the form of payment by use, through the Internet. The service may be objective for human consumption or consumption by other software systems. Users only need a web browser to access services; 

Software systems can consume services using a Web Application Programming Interface (API). This abstraction is often performed through a technical process called virtualization.

A good analogy to computing in the cloud is the electrical network that centralized the production, transmission and distribution of electricity to consumers. 

Consumers simply connect to the grid, consume energy and pay what they use without worrying about the details of the Nitty Grids on how electricity is produced, transmits and distributed. (You may be interested in knowing that, before the electrical grid has been invented, each organization produced its own electricity. 

Obviously, this required a great capital expenditure and was affordable only for the elite and rich). The technology of the standardized cloud and the memories of IT and the groups. Automatizes many of the maintenance tasks performed manually today. Cloud architectures facilitate elastic consumption, self-service and price of Pay-As-You-Go. 

The cloud in this context refers to the architecture of cloud computing, which covers public and private clouds. But the public cloud has its own set of advantages, which are difficult to replicate in a private environment. This chapter focuses on these technical and nonceptic perspectives.

The technical benefits of using a key performance benefits of CloudSveral Public can motivate you to migrate to the public cloud. This section covers some of these benefits. 

Deutestimostem public cloud providers have incorporated redundancy as part of their system design. This extends from fundamental utilities such as electricity, Internet and air conditioning to hardware, software and networks. 

As a result, suppliers can generally offer activity time of 99.9% or more. This translates into expected downtime of only 8.76 hours per year (~ 1/3 day). 

All companies can benefit from google cloud google cloud benefit. 

As independent companies, public service providers of the cloud can provide legally binding service level agreements (SLA) that indicate the time of activity guaranteed for their infrastructure and sanctions when those guarantees are not gathered. SOLS SLA are not normally available in the internal IT departments. 

The following URLs are for the SLA of some of the popular products of the covered cloud platform in this book. In general, once a product is out of beta and general availability (GA), the corresponding SLA must be available in<product>/sla

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